Rob Evans

Born and bred in the north-east I became interested in photography in my early teens after getting hold of my father’s SLR and spent the next decade in and out of various darkrooms. This passion blossomed while studying at Blackpool and Flyde college, but it wasn’t until I began work as a lighting cameraman for Cosgrove Hall Films that I developed a real aptitude for lighting.

After a brief period in Vancouver working as a fashion photography assistant I returned to the UK and landed the job of in house photographer at ITV, it was here where my portrait skills were really honed, working on a TV set is fast paced, you have to work extremely quickly and there is no room for error. 4 years working in television was enough and in 2012 I made the decision to leave the comfort of ITV and set up Rob Evans Photography.

I now work across various fields within photography and film but my real passion lies in photographing people. What gives me the biggest thrill is storytelling. I use my lighting and composition skills to capture personality, to paint a picture of what I see and most importantly to tell a story within a single frame.